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Please complete the fields below to submit your Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan for review by Marion County Emergency Management, per the Agency for Health Care Administration’s licensure requirements.

By clicking on the “Upload File” button, you acknowledge the following:

  • For Initial Submissions - Emergency Management, by Florida Statute, has 60-calendar days, from date of submission, to complete their review;
  • Any revisions must be made and the plan resubmitted to the County Office of Emergency Management within 30 days of receiving notification from the county agency that the plan must be revised. If revisions are not submitted within the time allowed, the CEMP will be considered out of compliance and must be uploaded as an initial plan;
  • For Re-Submissions – Emergency Management, by Florida Statute, has 15-business days, from date of re-submission, to complete their review;
  • If you do not currently have an approved CEMP, AHCA will be notified, and your facility administrator will receive a delinquency notice.
  • CEMPs are reviewed in the order they are received, and in compliance with the appropriate time period associated to the type of submission;
  • All Submissions should be uploaded as one (1) complete document with page separators between sections (i.e. criteria/ basic plan section/transportation section/evacuation section) if possible. The submission must include the criteria, contact information sheet, and review acknowledgement form. MA Agreements and Fire Plan can be uploaded separately if needed.
  • Emergency Management does not review Home Health, Nurse Registry, and Home Medical Equipment facility plans. These plans should be submitted to the Florida Department of Health.